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I never really liked journals or diaries, they're not my way of doing things. But I figured, I may as well do something on this website rather than post a single picture. But if anyone's curious (I doubt anyone is) I will make and post more pictures, It's hard to do without a scanner or Photoshop.

I've always liked art, I just appreciate it more since I realized how boring math actually is. And to think it was my favourite subject before! But now I always carry three of my most valued possessions everywhere: my art book (+ pencil, eraser and sharpener), my mp3 (because I absolutely love music) and my camera (just 'cos), because I never know when I might need them. Now, art is my everything. In my spare time I will always be drawing, taking photos and/or listening to music, even if I'm no expert. At least there are some people I know who appreciate my work (you know who you are), so thankyou for that as well, it means a lot, that does.

But sticking to pointless subject, I'm sure all you few people reading would agree with the statement "art is absolutely amazing", because it is the truth and I believe that very muchly. Well, I'm out of things to type for now, so {:WHITEWOLF048 OUT:}

PS. thankyou for the favourite Fuzzy!

PPS. animewolf94 is a great artist, check out her awesome pictures! {RIP Spot}
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Submitted on
November 26, 2012